What tools are needed to instal the floor tiles?

A rubber mallet can be used to connect the interlocking joints of our tiles, However this is not essential.

Our tiles can be easily cut using any sort of electrical saw, such as a table saw, circular saw, jigsaw etc.

If this isn't something you feel you want to tackle personally, and you would rather leave it to our professional team, who will instal your floor and remove all waste. Then don't forget we offer a nationwide installation service at very competitive rates.

Can floor jacks/scissor jacks be used on your tiles?

Our tiles are industry leading and are extremely tough and hardwearing. Our vented tiles can withstand up to 70,000 lbs of rollover weight and a compressive strength of 3120 psi

Our PVC tiles will compress under heavy loads but will always return to their original shape.

Both our vented and PVC tiles will have no problems with jacks, engine hoists, tool boxes etc.

Are the tiles slippery when wet?

No, the tiles are designed to allow liquids to fall between the vents, this keeps the tiles dry, they also have non-slip properties stopping any slips or trips. 

What happens if liquids drop down between the tiles?

The Ribbed tiles are designed to allow liquid to fall between the vents. They're also designed to be easy to maintain and clean. If needed the tiles can be lifted in sections and any liquid or dirt cleaned away.

Will chairs, stools and benches move over the vented tiles?

Yes absolutely, You will have no issues with wheeled appliances such as chairs, stools, units etc. 

Can I mix and match different colours?

Yes, you can choose as many different colours as you want and be as creative as you wish. If you would like some inspiration or help then check out our Gallery, socials or drop us a message and we will be happy to help you plan a design. 

Are Hex lights easy to install?

The plug-and-play tech makes building and installing a breeze. All our systems come with full installation instructions.

Will the lights cost more to run?

No! Infact our Hex systems are very energy efficient.

Do the lights change colours?

Our Standard Hex systems do not change colour, we can supply pink and blue sets if needed. However our new RGB Hex systems have over 300 different programable colour and movement function settings meaning you can have whatever colour set up you wish.  Please follow our socials to view the RGB in action. 

Are the lights able to dim?

No, our standard Hex systems are not dimmable. 

Our RGB lights are able to dim, be made brighter and have over 300 programable options. 

What is the voltage of the Hex systems?

All our hex lighting systems are 12v