Join our Franchise Family!

If you are looking to make additional income through building new skills in sales and installation, we have an exciting new position for you!

Garage Goals is looking for hard-working, confident individuals to join our franchise family. The role is completely flexible to suit your own time and will include selling (and occasionally fitting) our high-quality flooring and lighting products to both B2B and B2C customers. This role also provides the opportunity for businesses to integrate within our industry.

The word “franchise” is becoming an increasingly mainstream business model due to the several benefits for both the company and franchisees. For franchisees, this is a fantastic opportunity to earn additional income through the marketing of Garage Goals products under your management. Meaning, that whilst you will be expected to follow strict rules and guidelines in a professional and market-leading manner, you also have the flexibility of managing your own time and shaping your future.

The amount of income you earn as a franchisee will depend on the number of sales you close and the conditions of that order (how many tiles are required, do they want it fitted, where are they based etc.). Our team will be more than happy to discuss this with you further when contacted.

As a franchisee, the Garage Goals team will offer consistent support throughout. This includes regular promotions to optimise sales, training in our product installation, and the supply of uniforms and tools to improve performance and professionalism. 

If interested and you’d like to find out more, please register your interest using the contact form below. 

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