Ramp Edges and Corners

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Complete the new look with smart Garage Goals’ Ramp Edges & Corner Products

Not looking to cover the whole room? If you’re looking to dedicate a particular area for your tiles, Garage Goals offer a range of ramp edge and corner products that’ll complete the final look.

Our durable low-maintenance flooring solution can be fitted as ramp edges over existing hard surface floors without the need for adhesive or specialist tools. Easy to install, move around and replace. The interlocking joint allows for a quick and easy installation, for minimal disruption or downtime.

Each Ramp Edge is 400mm, you will require one edge piece per tile for any side you want to edge.

Key Features:
  • Anti-Slip Surface
  • Click & Tap Interlocking Joint
  • No Glue Required
  • Easy to Maintain & Clean


How many tiles do I need ?

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