RGB 8 Grid Hex lighting system


  • Add a modern and colourful light feature to your home, office or gym with our RBG Hex Lighting
  • Compromising of 8 Hexagon Shape Lights
  • LED Light included
  • Energy Efficient Lighting

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Are you looking to transform your garage, office or gym into a modern, colourful space? Where you impressed with our Hex Grid Systems, well we are now proud to introduce our NEW RGB HEX LIGHTING – with vibrant illuminations.

With Garage Goals’ brilliant Hex Lighting systems, we can help you build personality and make an impression by installing Hexagon-shaped LED lights.

Our Hex Lights are easy to instal and provide you with a comfortable visual experience while illuminating a whole space. Our He systems are all 12v meaning they are very energy efficient

Unfortunately due to the programable elements of the RGB designs we cannot provide bespoke designs unlike the classic Hex Lighting Grid Systems.